LuLu is the nickname of her daughter, Luciana. A mother’s admiration and love for LuLu’s zest and gusto has served as an inspiration for creating a successful line of cosmetics.



Carola explains that her mantra, “Serious Skin Care with a LuLu attitude” captures and embodies Luciana’s young, carefree spirit combined with advanced natural skin care products including fun make-up colors.

Carola Seminario, a native of Piura, Peru, cares deeply about Peru’s vital rainforest.

Her respect, admiration and appreciation of nature began early in her childhood when she learned about the importance of the equilibrium of humans and nature.

As a young girl, Carola learned about the many beneficial and healing powers nature yields, as well as how to utilize nature to optimize health and beauty.

Therefore, the raw materials used in her cosmetics line are natural, containing no perfume, fillers or parabens and are not animal tested.

Only true Italian pigments are used.

Carola worked hands-on with leading scientists to ensure her products would be safe and meet the highest standards.

“It gives me such gratification observing my clients. I love to help give people confidence and self assurance with my products” – Carola explains.

As a professional licensed aesthetician and make-up artist for over 20 years, her extensive knowledge of aesthetics and her worldwide training has provided her with the wisdom to create her cosmetics company featuring a full line of quality skin care and make-up products.

Carola and her LuLu team continue to travel locally and overseas, keeping pace with the latest trends and providing training and education in cosmetics.

LuLu offers a wide variety of cosmetics, from foundations and powders to mascaras and lipsticks in a dazzling array of luxurious colors and textures. LuLu’s skin care systems are made with the finest ingredients, produced with modern technology and target multiple skin types.